Vincent Munier was born in 1976 and raised in the Vosges, in the East of France, where wild nature has always played a huge part in his life. His love for photography began when he was 12 years old, spending much of his youth capturing wildlife in the forests surrounding his home. Munier has a deep respect and passion for nature and has photographed wildlife all over the world, including in the Arctic and Antarctica. His most notable projects include photographing white wolves on Ellesmere Island (Canada), brown bears in Kamchatka (Russia), swans and cranes of Hokkaido Island (Japan), or polar bears in Spitsbergen. He uses a subtle and restrained tonal range in his images, and is particularly interested in form and composition.

          He is the first photographer to have been awarded the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year ‘Erik Hosking Award’ three times in a row. In 2016, Nikon Europe chose Munier as one of their Nikon Ambassadors. His pictures are exhibited in art galleries and published in prestigious magazines internationally. He is the author of a dozen books, published in different languages. He independently publishes his own photography books through Kobalann, the publishing house he founded in 2010


La Meute de Quatre (The Pack of Four)Harfang vol de dos (Snowy Owl Flying)Portrait de Loup Blanc dans la Brume (White Wolf in the Mist)Famille de Boeufs Musqués (Family of Muskoxen)Deux Macareux Huppés (Tufted Puffins)Grues du Japon (Red-Crowned Cranes)Gypaète Barbu (Bearded Vulture)ApparitionPortrait Coupé de Boeuf Musqué (Half Portrait of a Muskox)Boeuf Musqué Solitaire (Lone Muskox)Rennes du Kamtchatka dans la Brume (Reindeer in the Mist)Deux Ours Polaires et Leur Reflet Vertical (Two Polar Bears)Harfang Femelle Parmi les Herbes (Female Snowy Owl Among the Herbs)Portrait de Grue du Japon (Portrait of a Red-Crowned Crane)Portrait de Lièvre Arctique (Portrait of an Arctic Hare)Masque dans les Herbes (Mask in the Herbs)Harfang Volant au-dessous de la Neige (Snowy Owl Flying over the Snow)