Polar Reflection (Baffin Island, Canada) Arctic Nomad (Hudson Bay, Manitoba)Face to Face (Spitsbergen, Svalbard, Norway)Shooting for the skyMajesty Surfacing (Fishing Branch River, Yukon) Home Ice Advantage (Antarctic Peninsula)Last Meal (Yukon Territory, Canada) A Colony for Kings (South Georgia, Antarctica)Evolve (Ross Sea, Antarctica)Stunning Attack (Andfjorden, Norway)Higher Ground (Gold Harbour South Georgia)The Long Summer (Spitsbergen, Norway)The Wild South (Antarctica)Nature's Window (Canada)Emerging (Lancaster Sound, Nunavut)Ephemeral Palace (Antarctic Peninsula) The Over/Under (Antarctic Peninsula)Gathering of Unicorns (Nunavut, Canada)An Ancient Ice (Svalbard, Norway)Tusked Titans (Spitsbergen, Norway)Polar Impressions (Canada)Ice Walker (Svalbard, Norway) Courage (Deception Island, Antarctica)Rushing Towards Safety (Prion Island, South Georgia)(Svalbard, Norway)Submerged Grace (Andfjorden, Norway)Rainfall Over the Peel Watershed (Peel River, Yukon)Ice Waterfall (Nordaustlandet Ice Cap, Svalbard, Norway) Arctic Ghost (Hudson Bay, Canada)Melting Water (Beaufort Sea, Alaska)The Dance (Hudson Bay, Manitoba, Canada)Kings of Antarctica (South Georgia Island, Antarctica)Teen Spirit (South Georgia, Antarctica)Emperor Express (Ross Sea, Antarctica)Deceiving Beauty (Northern Yukon, Canada)