Long before Paul Nicklen became iconic for his wildlife photojournalism, he was an artist at heart. Growing up in a small Inuit village in the Arctic, Nicklen expressed his voice through painting the ethereal landscapes of Canada’s north. After entering a career as a marine biologist, he grew frustrated with the lack of impact science had and pursued photography as a means to employ storytelling to inspire action. He now lives a life of art, purpose and adventure, combining his career as a long-time assignment photographer for National Geographic magazine and co-founder of the non-profit conservation society, SeaLegacy.

          Nicklen is uniquely qualified to create his brand of documentary photography that informs and creates an emotional connection with wild subjects in extreme conditions. His work delivers his audiences to an underwater realm witnessed by few. Nicklen’s sensitive and evocative work has garnered over 30 of the highest awards given to any photographer in his field, including the BBC Wildlife photographer of the year and the prestigious World Press Photo for photojournalism. He is equally recognized by the conservation community and was awarded the NRDC BioGems Visionary Award for his work in conservation. Most recently, Nicklen was bestowed an honorary PhD for the impact his photography has had on climate change.

          In addition to being one of the world’s most acclaimed nature photographers, Nicklen is a speaker, a TED Talks legend, an author, conservationist, and National Geographic Fellow. In the past two decades, Paul has collaborated with scientists, filmmakers, conservationists and explorers to create awareness and inspire action for global issues like climate change.
          Nicklen is the author of several books including Seasons of the Arctic, Bear; Spirit of the Wild, his best-selling monograph Polar Obsession, and his most recent e-book, Photographing Wild.

Polar Obsession 
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